PracticeMed - Healthcare Solution

PracticeMed® automates the process of schedule creation for doctors

As the medical world advances, so does doctor scheduling . You'll find everything you need to keep your practice scheduled conveniently.

The product is developed as “Software as a Service” which enables needed improvisations and easy implementations. This ensures that your technology needs will be met not only for today and but also in the future!

At PracticeMed, ensures to elevate your practice and offer a valuable service to your patients


Online Scheduler

You can schedule, reschedule your appointments at ease. You can also view your appointments on the go. Automatic e-mail alerts are generated every morning for you to plan the day

Accommodate multiple clinics

Even if you consult in multiple clinics for different time slots, you can easily manage the same. You can also run reports on the total appointments in each of the clinics.

Delegate responsibility

It is not necessary that you have to manage all your appointments. You can also delegate it to your office assistants and they can manage the queue on your behalf. Also, you can revoke access in seconds.

Maintain the Patient’s records electronically

You can manage the patient's records in PracticeMed. You can upload all the necessary reports, manage the history and store the prescriptions online!

Ease of use

Practicemed is a very simple tool. Basic computer literacy is enough to handle the tool.

Highly Available

The complete solution is hosted online and is available at your service 24/7. No need to depend on anybody. Just get online, use your used id and password and your office is online!

Book Appointments

You can now book your appointment with your doctor from the convenience of your home. You can check for your availability and book an appointment.

View your medical records

Now all your medical records like x-ray, scan at the like online. You can view them and the diagnosis made by the doctor. You can also share them if required.

Print Prescriptions

Misplacing prescriptions will be a thing of the past. You can always get online and print the prescription whenever needed.

Doctors Search

Search for your favorite doctors online