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Simple Truck Tax
Simple Truck Tax is the most simple and affordable online filing service provider for your Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax (2290).
Simple Truck ELD - You Drive...We Log!
Triesten’s ELD solution for the FMCSA Hours of Service mandate allows drivers to easily and more accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS) data.
eFraud - Check Stock Counterfeit Detection
Check Stock Counterfeit Detection validates different check stock objects, as well as automatically locating and performing image comparison of preprinted objects.
Tinybuk - Keeper of childhood Memories
TinyBuk is an app developed for children, parents, and teachers to share daily happenings at school- a safe connection for everyone to stay up-to-date with both assignments and fun memories.
Iskool - Education Practice Management Solution
iSkool is committed to simplifying the day-to-day administrative process of your school, facilitating transparency and assisting the management team to concentrate more on the core objectives of education.
Ikollege - Campus Management Solution
Much like iSkool, Tristen’s iKollege brings higher learning to a higher level. iKollege will bring ease and transparency to the administrative process and day-to-day operations, as well as elevating the management’s power to focus on the needs of a university education.
Toggle Green - Put your job search on autopilot
As the name implies, ToggleGreen lets job seekers use a handy toggle switch to alert recruiters and hiring managers when they are available for new job placements. - An Exclusive Online Tamil Books Store
An e-commerce portal that sells Tamil books online, Nannool employs the most stringent security to ensure a safe shopping experience to its users.

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Taxation info

As e-filing has evolved to help customers file taxes from the comfort of their own home, Triesten has become well established in the field of online tax filing. Triesten offers a wide range of solutions for various domains.

Online Shopping Solutions

Triesten’s e-commerce solutions are built with a secured architecture, using appealing interface designs that also track the client’s shopping needs.

Healthcare Solutions

Triesten focuses on blending technology with the healthcare domain by developing affordable solutions, leading to strong client relationships and reliable services.

Education Management Solutions

Our suite of products catering to education are famous for their ease-of-use and crucial assistance in administrative operations to help ease the burdens of management.


Triesten offers affordable native and hybrid app development with short development time and stringent quality checks that consistently adhere to the best practices and needs of the industry.


Our testing services organization features highly skilled software testing professionals who are wholly dedicated to careers in testing and quality assurance- and the team is growing fast.